Build connection - drive results

Create a unique organisation - build connection, drive results


  • Learn the elements of a quality conversation flexibly online
  • Practice with colleagues enjoyably using the service
  • Apply to all meetings and encounters in the workplace in a simple and effective way
  • Integrate quality encounters into your organisational culture

The connection is broken when
your organisation is struggling with

The lack of connection and poor interpersonal skills are at the heart of all problems in the workplace!

  • Do we commit or do we merely consent?
  • Are we collectively high-performing and creative, or are we merely top-performers who fail to create results together?
  • Are we egaged and ethusiastic not only within our own team but also crossfunctionally?
  • Do we have a sense of well-being or are we overburdened and lacking balance? 
  • Does high employee turnover hamper our productivity and profitability?
  • Are we talking about the important difficult issues or are we tiptoeing around fearing conflict?

Would it be okay if you didn't spend time, money and resources on constantly fixing the problems caused by poor connection?

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Using the OK5 model, digital content and user support, we built an internal coaching package for line managers. The OK5 video library has been made available to all staff and learning has been supported by thematic monthly themes. This process supports a long-term cultural change in our organisation, where a coaching style of interaction becomes commonplace throughout the organisation. 

Internal executive coach, expert organisation

OK5 - High quality conversations support productiveness 

  • This is not a new project on top of all the other projects
  • This is a cultaral change that can be effortlessly implemented
  • Ensure success throughout the organisation.


We'll support you

  • High quality OK5 audio-visual content for your organisation
  • Coaching support where and when needed
  • A supportive community of organisions sharing proven practices

How do you connect and collaborate?

What kind of encounters and debaters
are there in your organisation?

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