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The answer lies at the intersection of technology and human connectedness



Elevate your conversational skills and succeed in every encounter

Unlock the power of influence: Master the art of conversation with our new and unique online course.

  • Learn the steps of deep listening
  • Learn the engaging power of exploration
  • Learn the art of structuring 
  • Learn the nobility of closure
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What if you didn't have to spend time, money and resources on constantly fixing problems caused by lack of connection and poor communication?

To deliver results, connection must be psychologically safe, agile, inclusive and resilient, regardless of the communication channel. 

Work with us to cultivate a culture of connection and collaboration. 


Yes, we want to see results

OK5 brought together top experts in psychology, coaching, AI and business to create
future models for collaboration and connection.

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The OK5 team is passionate about change and success at work

OK5 uniquely addresses how organisations lead and deliver results. We combine A.I. and interpesonal connection in an intelligent and human way. Our solution makes it easy and effective for organisations to develop quality encounter skills across all functions at all levels of operation.

The OK5 team is passionate about seeing change and success at work

OK5 has a special way of supporting organisations' ability to lead for connection and results, and the coaches' skills to serve this development. We combine digital and interaction in a smart and human way so that it is easy and effective for organisations to start expanding the skills of quality encounter across all functions at all levels of doing.


We built an internal coaching program for line managers using the OK5 model, digital content and community support. The OK5 digital library has been made available to all staff. Learning has been supported by monthly themes. This process supports our initiative to develop our organizational culture consisting of a coaching style of leadership and discussion. 

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Podcast at the heart of connection

Throughout the ages, a campfire has been a place of connection. The atmosphere is warm and safe. Difficult issues get solved.

What can modern organisations learn from this ancient tradition of togetherness?

Ilona Rauhala, Ira Lange and Kimmo Kääriä explore the core of human connection. The topic will be explored in different configurations, including with expert guests. The podcast is currently only in Finnish. Explore the podcast here.

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